Daniel Atz

Communicator, Creative, Strategist

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Let's Get Familiar

Driven Communicator

Global Focus: Polyglot, lived in 4 different countries, international relations degree. Former English teacher. Cultural chameleon. Strengths in communicating + managing across borders.

Partisan of Oxford Commas: Obsessed grammarian. Rich experience in copy editing, contract writing, and translation. Acted as head copywriter in agency. Excellent writer of scathing correspondence.

Connect the Dots: Corporate diplomat. Strong oral argumentation skills, ability to fluidly communicate technical info. Intermediary between business and technology.

Strategic Manager

Project Managed: Marketing agency project management experience managing up to 15 simultaneous client projects at a time.

Eager to Try: When things need coordinated, that's where I excel. Large scale events, digital projects, company operations and HR.

Proof in the Pudding: My management efforts were key to helping an EdTech startup raise USD $1.5 million in seed investment.

Ready to Explore: I embrace change and thrive in the unknown, all the while I do my best to plan for and consider long term evolution of all projects.

Problems Beware: I am able to think critically and analytically on my feet. If a resolution exists, my methodical mindset and attention to detail will help uncover it.

Creative Visionary

It's All Geek to Me: Years of experience in Photoshop and Web Design. Agency + client-side experience managing & creating professional graphic, web, print, photo and video projects.

Multiple Influences: My diverse life, educational, and professional experiences have shaped my critical thinking process. When it comes to marketing, I put myself in others' shoes in order to understand how a product or service will be received.

Avid Storyteller: Brands come down to a story that does or does not resonate in a customer's mind. I like to strategize, create, and curate that story. Particularly interested in brand localization and globalization.

Who I've Worked With

A Bit More About Me

Former resident of Brooklyn, NYC. Previously: Beijing, China.

News Junkie. Daily reader of BBC and & Al-jazeera. Twitter + Weibo researcher.

Fully work authorized in the USA and the EU/EEA.

Yoga Practitioner. Meditator. Swimmer. Writer. Aspiring Chef & DJ.

Eager explorer. Visited 25 countries in the last 7 years. Open to global relocation.

Passionate about sustainability and contributing to a positive economy.

I hope to learn every day of my life. Currently learning Portuguese, German, & Adobe Illustrator.

Chic geek or noble nerd? I dig all things tech and shiny.

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